A world of magic, ever changing... Whenever the flow of magic is imbalanced, a great conflict will soon follow. Where do you stand?
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 Factions of Mystic Flux

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Factions of Mystic Flux

Some Factions/Groups don't have ranks, others do.


The Magocrats are Magi of exceptional social status and influence. This group comprises primarily of the five Magocratic High Councilors who run the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty, as well as leaders of varying Agencies or otherwise of the Government. Also under this group, could be very powerful landowners or executives.


1. These characters are the leaders of the world, even though their position and stay in power is brought upon by the people.
2. These characters are permitted to have their own, rather large and luxurious estates.
3. Might have a numerous amount of bodyguards and/or security guards.

Government Magi

The Government Magi are Magi who work either in law enforcement or education. There are a variety of different Agencies serving the Government often with exceptional knowledge of magic. Major Departments/Agencies are the Magical Investigation Services (M.I.S.) and the Arcane Education Conglomerate (A.E.C.). Also under this category are Police Officers or Government-funded Alchemical laboratories. Basically, every member of society working for the Government falls under this category.


1. Have access to Government facilities falling under your character's field, that may be restricted to the rest of the public.
2. Has more say in a community, and may posses jurisdiction over the widespread civilian population.
3. If in law enforcement, are allowed to carry around a Bolt Blaster or Magic Rod in public.

Civilian Magi

The Civilian Magi are Magi who do not work with or serve in the Government. They make up the majority of adults in society, and although they may have a decent knowledge of magic, they are less likely to profess in a certain field of it.


1. These characters will have more to work with; a larger variety of occupations.
2. These characters may be involved with the Old Way Rebellion, even though they aren't directly a part of it.
3. These characters have power over who is put in charge and who isn't, during elections or similar circumstances.

Sentinels of Magic

The Sentinels of Magic are the Magi who serve as the soldiers and commanders of the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty's armed forces. They are tasked with dealing with foreign threats, while law enforcement deals with internal threats. These warriors legally have access to magic's most dangerous and lethal spells and alchemical devices.


1. Legally have access to the most lethal spells and alchemical devices.
2. May carry around a Blaster firearm or Magic Rod with them in public.
3. Will be directly involved with the conflict against the Old Way Rebellion.

Ranks (from Highest to Lowest)

Minister of Warfare: The Minister of Warfare is placed in direct command over the Sentinels of Magic, and has jurisdiction over all of its members. However, he/she is not to be confused with the commanders-in-chief, who are the five members of the Magocratic High Council. He/She answers only to the collection of the five Magocratic High Councilors, but, beyond them has all his/her own freedoms over the direction/management of the Sentinels of Magic.

General: The Generals are only expected to take orders from the Minister of Warfare. They are often placed in charge of varying battles, in charge of an army of Sentinels. They also serve as the Minister of Warfare's advisers, who aid him in the directing of military campaigns.

Lieutenant: The Lieutenants directly receive their orders from the Generals a rank above them. They are placed in charge of Sentinel platoons and other smaller forces of Sentinels, and are usually right on the battlefield leading their subordinates.

Major: Majors serve directly under the Lieutenants of the Sentinels of Magic. They are commonly tasked with basic leadership roles, largely over squads on the field of battle. They may also help relay a Lieutenant's orders on the battlefield.

Sergeant: The Sergeants serve under any one of their superior officers. They make up a large portion of the Sentinels of Magic, and hold no leadership role. They are often Privates who are decorated in battle, and were thusly promoted. Most of the leadership roles put more focus on the mobilization and utilization of Sergeants over Privates.

Private: The Privates are the basic infantry of the Sentinels of Magic who are given menial tasks on base, and are expected to obediently serve their superior officers until the day comes when they just might earn a promotion. They are largely looked at as more dispensable by the higher-ups who have to make all the significant decisions in the course of a battle, due to a Private's lack of experience, and since it requires little to no education to become a Private.

Old Way Magi

The Old Way Magi are the Magi who are largely spread out into small, tribal communities within an Old Way Reservation. Not all practitioners of the Old Way serve the Old Way Rebellion, just a lot of them support their goals. Old Way Magi believe that the world is losing its lively connection with the magical flow of things, and that technology is gravely distorting the balance of magic in the world. Because of this, they refuse to use any magically-powered technologies, seeing it as a blight on magic.


1. These characters get a significantly different point-of-view, and some may be discriminated against in public.
2. These characters have access to a branch of magic inaccessible by New Age Mages, however they cannot use technology.
3. These characters may be in charge of a tribe of Old Way Magi, and may be likely candidates for entry into the Rebellion.


Students are the youthful Magi who attend various schools, but mainly Guilir Academy. It is in this school that Students are taught higher learning after having gotten down the foundations of magic, alchemy and general studies. Students are divided into classes that take place in different parts of the educational complex. Each class is taught by a master wizard, and from there the Students learn how to use magic and alchemy in more advanced and effective ways. Students have also been caught in the middle of the current conflict, and due to their aptitude are often targeted by a variety of different agencies or otherwise, even perhaps the Rebellion.


1. These characters will have their own dormitory, and full access to the Guilir Academy, and other institutions.
2. Characters under this category can be of the youngest age group; typically mid-teens.
3. Characters may be actively involved with the Rebellion or the Government from behind-the-scenes, and have an increased chance of being targeted by the Rebellion due to their young age.

Ranks (from Highest to Lowest)

Senior: The Seniors of Guilir Academy have been there for over four years. They are the ones who usually have more advanced training in a subject than their underclassmen. They are expected to be treated with respect and courtesy due to their promising progression in education and life thereafter.

Junior: The Juniors of Guilir Academy have been there for over three years. The Juniors are looked at as experienced members of the Academy, and most are associated with the Seniors of the Academy. They are collectively known as upperclassmen, and for that they are treated equally and may be given more privileges in the Academy.

Sophomore: The Sophomores of Guilir Academy have been there for over two years. The Sophomores are looked at as having a little more experience and knowledge of the Academy to be placed above Freshman. However, despite their more respectable outlook, they are still considered underclassmen by both Juniors and Seniors.

Freshman: The Freshman of Guilir Academy have been there for no more than a year, most are usually just starting. They are looked at as fresh meat, and are typically undermined by the upperclassmen. Often it is a Freshman that is subjected to torment from his/her peers.

Old Way Rebellion

Old Way Rebels are the Magi who follow the Old Way, but are actually willing to fight for it. The Old Way Rebellion wants to restore magic to its former glory without the interference of mortal-technology. They refuse to use technology, and have a strong dislike toward Alchemists of all shapes and sizes. All-in-all, Old Way Rebels believe that magic is at a great imbalance, and it can only be restored if people stop using technology to mettle with it. Lately, they've become even more of a threat and are even grabbing the attention of some of the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty's highest officials. Everyone asks just how far they will go, and if their cause is justified.


1. Old Way Rebel characters have access to Primal Magic, however they cannot use technology.
2. It is the only group that is in direct conflict with the government.
3. Character may be a rank high enough to lead these Rebels.

Ranks (from Highest to Lowest)

Rebel Commander: The Rebel Commander is the commander-in-chief of the Rebellion, and is in charge of all of its large-scale operations or otherwise. He/She has the highest jurisdiction within the faction, and all are expected to follow his/her orders or be punished severely for it.

Patriarch/Matriarch: The Patriarchs/Matriarchs are the Rebel Commander's chief advisers and commanders. They are often placed in charge of leadership over a battle or otherwise, and only answer to the Rebel Commander.

Captain: The Captains are the ones in charge of leading platoons and smaller Rebel forces on the field of battle. They help relay the direction of their superiors and otherwise, and answer directly to a Patriarch or Matriarch of the Old Way Rebellion.

Sentry: The Sentries are often the leaders of an individual Squad on the field of battle. They hold jurisdiction over all their subordinating officers, and often play a major role in the Captain's direction on the battlefield.

Warsworn: The Warsworn are the experienced militants of the Old Way Rebellion who make up its majority. They don't need any educational background, just the approval of his/her superiors as an Acolyte on the battlefield. They were originally Acolytes who were praised by their superiors and honored with a promotion for their duty on the battlefield and dedication of their cause.

Acolyte: Acolytes are the unprofessional recruits who have only just recently become a member of the Rebellion, and still have a lot to prove. They are often either from one of the Tribes of Old Way Magi, or are New Age converts, who decided that their way of living was wrong, and they'd like to serve a more noble cause. Acolytes are only treated with respect if they were originally Old Way Magi, if they weren't raised Old Way, then they are usually treated as grunts by their superior officers.
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Factions of Mystic Flux
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