A world of magic, ever changing... Whenever the flow of magic is imbalanced, a great conflict will soon follow. Where do you stand?
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 Old vs New

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PostSubject: Old vs New   Old vs New Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 4:53 pm

In the Republic of Free Mystic Sovereignty there are two types of Magi. Old Way and New Age Magi.

New Age Magi: New Age Magi are the most common Magi. They believe that Magic and Technology can work together. It's common philosophy to try and advance the magic world with technology. Occasionally New Age Magi will convert to the Old Way, and Old Way Magi openly accept those who embrace their ways, but can put stress on the ties between the convert and his/her family.

Old Way Magi: Old Way Magi believe that technology taints magic, making it impure and weak. Old Way Magi of the rebellion still teach the way of Primal Magic, which is lost among New way magi. It's extremely rare that an Old Way Magi will turn to the New ways, but when it does happen the convert is shunned till they return to the old ways. The rebellion is made up of Old Way Magi. But just because one is part of the Old Way, Magi don't make them part of the rebellion, despite popular belief.

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Old vs New
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