A world of magic, ever changing... Whenever the flow of magic is imbalanced, a great conflict will soon follow. Where do you stand?
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 Mystic Flux: Rebel Uprising

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Mystic Flux: Rebel Uprising

The eastern nation called the Republic of Free Mystic Sovereignty was much likes it overseas neighbors; magic was always prevalent. However, after many other once-glorious civilizations had declined due to the abuse of Magic, the R.F.M.S. didn't want to repeat the same mistake. Instead the Magocracy agreed upon a secondary transference, that would enable Mages to stimulate magic but at more stable levels. This transference would popularly be known as "Technological Transference" any piece of technology that allows the Mage to channel magic through it more evenly, instead of taking the risk of overdoing it.

The vast majority of the population liked this new-age thought, and promoted its use, some even helped regulate it and the Alchemists of the land helped construct these devices. Over time, the nation became centuries ahead of all its neighbors, and ultimately became the world's superpower that no one ever thought of warring with. Though many of the people were proud of their nation's modernization, others despised it...

There was always an underlying minority of the majority. These people were believers in what would become known as the "Old Way". Because cities were expanding, and their home was advancing steadily overtime, many believers of the Old Way sent pleas to the Magocratic Capital Spire, in Arcannan requesting that their people have their own settlements to live in away from large cities, and made sure the Government would enforce that. After a couple of months the Magocrats agreed upon it, and off they sent them into "Old Way Reservations". Though some of the minority were satisfied, others were not.

After a horrible incident that resulted in the Government destroying an Old Way Reservation, many Old Way Mages began to protest, thinking it to have been one big conspiracy. These "Old Way Uprisings" had spread all throughout R.F.M.S. and though most had been settled down, often with the use of force, they foreshadowed a rebellion.

Today, there is a wide gap between Old Way Mages and New Age Mages. A shadowy coalition of revolting Old Way Mages used that gap to their advantage and have rallied up a sizable armed force to be used against the Magocracy and New Age Mages. Their Rebellion is growing, and as their number increases, so do their plans. R.F.M.S. is preparing for a war.

...Where do your allegiances lie?
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Mystic Flux: Rebel Uprising
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