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 Modes of Transportation

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PostSubject: Modes of Transportation   Modes of Transportation Icon_minitimeThu Feb 09, 2012 11:42 am

In the bustling nation Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty, there are multiple modes of transportation. They are:

Skyboards: Skyboards are magic imbued boards of metal, about the size of skateboards. They are used in the sport, Sky Surfing, which is a popular sport among students. However they are an effective and cheap way for people to travel short distances, like around a city. They are powered off of MWF. However it doesn't take much MWF to power so even Alchemists can use them effectively.

Sky-Tran: The Sky Tran, or Sky Transport are a series of mono-rail trains that travel upon magically constructed light rails. Since the rails are magically constructed the trained can travel in the sky, being able to go over cities and other obstructions. The rails are not locked in a certain spot so the Sky-Tran can travel anywhere or make a stop anywhere.

Driving: Their are cars that are powered by a persons MWF, like skyboards it takes very little to get them to work so people like Alchemists can use them with ease.

Walking: Some people just like to walk.
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Modes of Transportation
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