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 Alchemy & Enchantments

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In the world of Calderia, there are Mages who prefer to focus more on technological innovation and transference regarding magical affairs and spellcraft. These leading scientists are known as Alchemists, and they focus more on technology and what it's capable of, over magic. The leading-nation of the world, the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty, has within it the world's smartest and innovative Alchemists, and many Students aspire to be one of them.

Note: An Alchemist can only use E-1 level spells due to more focus being placed on crafting potions. However, there are other means of inducing varying alchemical liquids, for example in the shape of a syringe or a shell for a bomb, to alter the effects precision and/or power. Mages also cannot create their own potions or otherwise, however they could use them for ammunition, if having been given a potion from an Alchemist in a thread.

Below are the Alchemical Fields of Alchemy:

Buffering: The Buffering field of Alchemy involves using various reagents in order to craft a potion that serves to benefit the status or make-up of the Alchemist or the target. These effects are often temporary.

Poison: The Poison field of Alchemy involves using various reagents in order to craft a potion that serves to damage or degrade the status or make-up of the target. These effects are often temporary.

Burst: The Burst field of Alchemy involves using various reagents in order to craft a potion with destructive properties to explode on impact or otherwise doing physical harm to the target(s).

Scale of Alchemical Proficiency

C-4: C-4 level potions or otherwise require the least amount of ingredients (often only 2-3) and don't take as long to craft. They are used by Students mainly, and have limited destructive or otherwise harmful potential.

B-6: B-6 level potions or otherwise require what most alchemists have called the "Quin-Composition" the widely accepted standard of five ingredients. These potions and other forms thereof, are typically used by the average Alchemist, and are also used to test much more powerful potions at a more stable level.

A-8: A-8 level potions or otherwise require what most alchemists have called the "8:4 Composition" since it requires eight base ingredients and four more uncommon and sought-after ingredients (for the most part) it is largely restricted to Government-Mages, but certain Alchemists have gotten away with managing their own laboratory legally under the supervision of Agents of the Government. This level of Alchemy has however, benefited the economy greatly, since many capable individuals are sent out on "Quest-Jobs" in search of ingredients for the Alchemist.

X-1: X-1 level potions or otherwise are the rarest of their kind, it can require from twelve to even twenty different ingredients, and many of those 12-20 could be very difficult to find. These potions or otherwise are almost always highly-destructive, and most Alchemists avoid them due to the danger, and prohibition of Non-Government Mages to go out looking for them, and using them. However, there haven't been prominent Government-Mages who have messed around with X-1 level potions, but they had access to plenty of resources that aided in the safety of the Alchemists and the facility they operated in. Most hear of Level X-1 Potions, and think of the Bombing of Terug, where a small city had been destroyed with the use of a single, large bomb.


In the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty, most of the Government Mages wield an enchantment of some kind that serves as their arsenal on-duty. All Sentinels and Police have at least one weapon equipped, while Civilian Mages aren't allowed to carry weapons on them in public. Assault rifles, Sniper rifles, Bolt Cannons and other highly lethal and military-grade weaponry are restricted from the Civilian population altogether.

Note: All the below weapons, can instead have potions used for ammunition, which can convert into bullets or otherwise with the use of magic. However, most Mages channel their own magic through it because it gives them more versatility in battle.

Below are the common weapons of the day:

Bolt Blaster: Often in the form of, but not limited to a Handgun or Rifle. Bolt Blasters are firearms that require a consistent flow of the user's magical exertion. The power of the bolts can vary with the amount of magic used, and the skill of the user wielding the Blaster.

Magic Rods: Always in the form of an advanced, metallic hilt. The hilt allows the user to channel a flow of magic through it creating enough magical energy to keep a stable beam of energy. The length of the beam, and its width or otherwise depends on the amount of magic used and the skill of the user wielding it.

Bolt Cannon: Always in the form of a bazooka or otherwise. It is perhaps the most costly choice of weaponry, since it requires the user to channel a lot of magic at the time it fires, in order to create a highly destructive, magical missile. It's commonly used to destroy enemy vehicles or aircraft.
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Alchemy & Enchantments
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