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 How to Play-by-Post Role-Play [WiP]

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PostSubject: How to Play-by-Post Role-Play [WiP]   Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:06 pm

1. Create a character using the Character Creation Template. You can't RP with out a character!
2. Find an In-Character Area to role-play in. These are found under the creation area.
3. Type in the 3rd person and make sure you're only typing your character's perspective and NPC's. But YOU CAN NEVER role-play as another member's character. In short you don't go: "Blah blah, twiddily do-dee-do." I said. You'll want to say: "Blah blah, twiddily do-dee-do." said [character name]. you CAN'T control anyones character so no going: Fred kicked Pete in the nuts and Pete fell of a cliff in pain. just no.... don't do it
4. Abide by the rules always! They are not just there to for show. Follow them... or I'll sick my albino saber-tooth rapid panda on you.... I'll do it!

NOTE: Please refer to the rules for more detailed information, and for more on things you can't do, and things you are expected to do as an RPer.

Credit goes to Nia for having added a little more humor to the guide.

Reminder: Use the Eye...! O __ ""<0>,, (MWF Scanner)
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How to Play-by-Post Role-Play [WiP]
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