A world of magic, ever changing... Whenever the flow of magic is imbalanced, a great conflict will soon follow. Where do you stand?
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 Checks & Balances

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PostSubject: Checks & Balances   Checks & Balances Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2012 2:16 pm

Checks & Balances

Being a Republic and not an Oligarchy, there are others powers that help keep one another in check. There is a judicial and legislative branch, while the 5 High Councilors make up the executive branch of government. The Supreme Justiciars are 7 powerful figures, who enforce the law in court, and who are to remain unbiased in court when making rulings. They also meet with the 5 High Councilors every four months to make sure nothing is against the People's Charter. And finally, there is the House of Regulations which comprise of State Councils for each of the 5 states, and is made up of 15 Regulators per council. If they outnumber the High Council's say in large conferences within the Capital Spire, they can veto the High Council's policies or otherwise. However, if all 5 High Councilors are on the same page, they overrule the House of Regulations. All Magocrats are elected officials by the people.
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Checks & Balances
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