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 Mavrilus von Magis

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Mavrilus von Magis
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Mavrilus von Magis

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Character sheet
Name: Mavrilus von Magis
Classification: Magocrat
Rank/Role: High Councilor

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PostSubject: Mavrilus von Magis   Mavrilus von Magis Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2012 2:12 am

Personal Information

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Name: Mavrilus von Magis

Likes: Alfar culture, history & lore, reading literature, writing literature, philosophy, power, mystery, science, puzzles and sweet foods.

Dislikes: Physical fitness, disobedience, incompetence, ignorance, spicy and/or sour foods.

Personality: Mavrilus could be easily described as a sinister and dignified political genius. Mavrilus always has other cards to play, and he looks at large-scale attrition like a game or a puzzle. He is largely calm and elegant, but it only serves to conceal the burning ambition within himself. Mavrilus will not hesitate to give respect or even praise to where it is due, however, he doesn't tolerate disobedience and/or incompetence. He expects everyone else to be at their best, otherwise he merely looks at them as though they were pawns in his grand scheme. The prime drawback of Mavrilus is his arrogance, occasionally doubting one's own skill and proficiency before giving them a chance.

Secondary Ability: Mavrilus's unique magoplasmic make-up creates a strange magical field constantly generating around him. This field is invisible, and it serves to shroud his presence from any magical, mental or technological means. In other words, it grants him the ability of tracking evasion, however, it doesn't literally make him invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, due to Mavrilus's mastery over the Gravity school of Magic, he can release concussive beams of gravitational force freely.

Additional Notes


Physical Information

Height: 5'11”

Weight: 165lbs

Eye color: Amber

Hair color: Medium Brown

General Appearance:



Victor von Magis; father; deceased: Victor is Mavrilus's father. He was assassinated by a fanatical group of Old Way followers, who disagreed with his company's mission of creating advanced technologies to help better society. It didn't take long for his father's Private Military Company to route the dastardly fanatics and end their lives. Mavrilus witnessed his father's murder, which is why much of the public thinks that he has a personal vendetta against the Old Way Rebellion.
Morgan von Magis; mother: Morgan is Mavrilus's mother. Fortunately for her, she was outside of Magis Manor when the assassination occurred. Since she is the last living member of Mavrilus's direct family line, he treats his mother with utmost respect, and often prioritizes her safety in times of crisis. Denizens of Elertich believe she was involved with the assassination of her husband, and that she may in fact be a powerful witch yet unknown by the public.


None as of yet.

Faction/Group Information

Faction: Magocrats

Rank/Occupation: Magocratic High Councilor; Military Commander-in-Chief & National Representative of the State of Eleritch elected by its people.


School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Regomancy
Class: A-7
Name: Muto Procuratio
Type: Supplementary/Passive
Range: Anything within a 4m radius from the caster.
Description: Allows Mavrilus to alter the direction of both matter and energy, making it nigh impossible to attack him directly.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: While using this technique he is unable to cast any other spells.

School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Regomancy
Class: A-7
Name: Congelo Procuratio
Type: Supplementary
Range: Within a 4m radius from the caster.
Description: Allows Mavrilus to stop oncoming projectiles be it matter or energy; including the attacker if he/she is within range of this spell's effect.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: Can only be used once every four posts within a thread, and lasts for as much as two of the target's posts in a thread.

School: Elemental
Subsidiary-School: Koniomancy
Class: S-9
Name: Pulvis Abyssus
Type: Offensive
Range: Engulfs the target within a 10m radius.
Description: Create dust explosions in the form of constructs, which, if strong enough, may cause destruction at a molecular level, to those trapped within it; completely decimating them.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: This spell can only be used once every 12 of the caster's posts in a thread.

School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Gyromancy
Class: B-5
Name: Vis Adverto
Type: Versatile/Supplementary
Range: A maximum range of 20m radius.
Description: Allows Mavrilus to attract or repel objects by surrounding them in an anti-gravitational field; including himself and/or other individuals no matter their mass.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: Targets may be encased within an anti-grav field at the caster's mercy for as much as four of their posts in a thread.

School: Elemental
Subsidiary-School: Koniomancy
Class: C-3
Name: Pulvus Vultus
Type: Supplementary/Passive
Range: Self
Description: Renders user difficult to hit and allowing for more physical freedom by transforming into dust particles.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: --

School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Gyromancy
Class: B-5
Name: Vis Contego
Type: Defensive
Range: A maximum within 5m of the caster.
Description: Allows the user to generate a powerful force field around himself, giving him protection from both physical and magical attacks.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: The force field can be broken if enough power and/or force is applied to ones attacks, however, it is sustained largely by the caster, and he can attack from within it in the form of magical attacks.

School: Elemental
Subsidiary-School: Koniomancy
Class: B-5
Name: Pulvis Miles militas
Type: Versatile/Supplementary/Diversionary
Range: --
Description: The caster first generates dust and animates into a humanoid form, and replicates these humanoids using magic, creating Dust Soldiers, armed with hardened/sharpened dust weaponry and armor.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: Mavrilus is able to create a large indefinite quantity of Dust entities; an army if enough magical energy is applied; however, these Dust Soldiers have no professional training, and only know to kill whoever/whatever the caster wants them to, making them less difficult to defeat individually. However, it is quantity not quality that really applies to this spells strength.

School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Gyromancy
Class: B-5
Name: Vis Ostendo
Type: Supplementary
Range: A maximum of a 50m radius.
Description: Allows Mavrilus to reverse the force of gravity from up-to-down or side-to-side.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: This spell has to effect the whole area it is used on, which is why its effectiveness may vary with the range that this spell is used.

School: Elemental
Subsidiary-School: Koniokinesis
Class: B-5
Name: Pulvis Turbo
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Range: Can travel as far as 15m from the caster, and can encase a target as far as 50ft from the caster.
Description: User generates a spiraling whirlwind of dust used to envelop a target and tear them a part, it can also be used from range to destroy all within its path.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: It paths can be disrupted if enough physical force or magical power is applied, otherwise it is very difficult to counter due to its power and rapidity.

School: Energy
Subsidiary-School: Gyromancy
Class: A-7
Name: Regnum ut Oblivio
Type: Supplementary
Range: Can pull in target(s) within a 10m radius from it.
Description: Mavrilus generates a black hole, that serves as a passageway into the realm of Oblivion; or emptiness, that is unique to the target(s). One cannot escape it unless the caster will that he/she be released; however, within the realm of Oblivion the targets can't actually be physically harmed; if anything, they come out mentally damaged or insane. Mavrilus has free passage in and out of Oblivion, and in order to sustain its grasp over others he himself needs to enter it for a temporary amount of time, and if someone were to surprise him, combat him and defeat him during that time it may end their torment in Oblivion and free them from its clutches.
Drawbacks/Durations/Cooldowns: It effects on a target or targets don't go beyond the thread the technique was used in, unless warranted by the Staff or the target(s).





Silenced Bolt Pistol: Due to Mavrilus's mastery over magical combat and secrecy, he is able to fire bolts of magic in highly stable and precise, but equally lethal exertions. When a bolt of his own magic is channeled through the Silenced Bolt Pistol, it cannot be heard without augmentations, intended for assassination.


Magic Rod (Rapier): The style of Mavrilus's hilt is in the form of a sabre or rapier, and magical energies are channeled through the hilt to create a sharp, pointy beam of energy typically colored cyan or purple, allowing for quick, exact stabs/thrusts or slashes.

Appearance: (see character's appearance for the appearance of a hilt, and instead of a blade protruding from the hilt it would be a purple or cyan-colored beam of magical energy.)


Eye of Amund: The Eye of Amund is an artifact that fits nicely around the user's eye, and is named after an old God of Knowledge and Secrets. It allows Mavrilus to detect traces of one's magoplasmic signature and also allows Mavrilus to identify one's MWF; typically used in the middle of combat, to prepare for however much magical energy the target is using, and identifying its source and/or path.

TellBook: Mavrilus always has a TellBook on hand since his role as High Councilor keeps him very busy as a leader among Mages. It's quite typical for him to receive an innumerable amount of TellBook calls daily.

Background Information & RP-Sample

Birthplace: Eleritch, Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty

Character Bio


RP-Sample: n/a
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Mavrilus von Magis
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