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 Schools of Magic in Mystic Flux

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Schools of Magic

The mythical world of Calderia is composed of Mages; special individuals, all connected to the flow of magic in the world; spawns of it. Overtime, a Mage must find a place for him/herself, and all have a basic understanding of magic and how to utilize it in this ever more technologically advanced period of time.

The forum takes place within the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty, a magocratic-republic. In this nation in particular, technology is a major factor in daily life. And the Alchemists of the age continue to innovate the technologies used by Mages nationwide.

Below are the Schools of Magic used by the Mages of the world:

Elemental Magic: The Mages of this school utilize the forces of nature composed of, but not limited to Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Using their magical ability they are able to generate various elemental techniques to be used in combat or otherwise.

Energy Magic: The Mages of this school utilize exterior forces of the universe, composed of but not limited to Gravity, Conjuration and Healing. Using their magical ability they are able to generate various techniques stemmed from forces beyond the four elements of nature.

Primal Magic: The Mages of this school tap into natural magic lost by New Age Magi, it utilizes the power of plants, animals and shapeshifting. Mages in this school access powerful magic to become one with nature, in body and mind. It had been a school lost for many years, until the Old Way Rebellion discovered various tomes. It's why only Rebels are able to utilize this school. *Old Way Rebels only!

Dark Magic: The Mages of this school illegally utilize magic rooted in evil, composed of but not limited to Necromancy, Hexing/Cursing and otherwise outlawed spells. Using their magical ability and/or malevolence they are able to corrupt the magic flowing through them to generate an effect.

These schools of magic (except Dark Magic and Primal Magic) are often taught in Universities, Institutions or Academies. It requires experience, and a higher level of education to use the spells that fall under these three branches. Mages without an advanced education (Students, for example) wouldn't know any advanced techniques.

Scale of Magical Proficiency

E-1: The E-1 level spells are spells that are used in everyday life by every member of society. These spells are largely harmless, and effects are minor and may be consistent. Use of these spells require little to no effort/concentration. Common examples are animation of small, inanimate objects, channeling magic at lower frequencies, etc... Every Mage is capable of using relative spells of this level.

C-3: The C-3 level spells are spells that are commonly used by Students and on-the-job workers. These spells can be harmless but many are basic spells used for combative or defensive purposes. This level of spells are taught to Students and largely fall under one of the three branches of magic.

B-5: The B-5 level spells are spells that are commonly utilized on the field of battle by Sentinels or in a specialized field career-wise. Most of the public and private schools DO NOT teach students how to cast these spells, because many are dangerous to the user and most are dangerous to the target. These spells fall under one of the three schools of magic.

A-7: The A-7 level spells are spells that are commonly utilized by mentors/professors, high-ranking Sentinels or members of society, and masters of magic. These spells can create devastating effects that deal out the most damage or otherwise, and higher-ups are forbidden to teach these spells to civilians.

S-9: The S-9 level spells are spells that are rarely ever used, because not very many individuals have the knowledge and/or skill to use them. They are marked as highly dangerous and unpredictable. Very few individuals ever have access to use these spells, and if they do the government doesn't often know about it.

R-0: The R-0 level spells are immensely powerful spells forbidden by law. They are often very ancient, and very unbound spells that create unimaginable effects.
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Schools of Magic in Mystic Flux
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