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 The 5 Noble Families

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The 5 Noble Families  Empty
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The 5 Families

Before there was a Republic, and the power was distributed to the people, there were five very powerful and influential families who dictated the land that has become the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty. Before there was a Republic, the land was in constant peril, and various lesser families with the resources people could rely on, watched over the civilian population, and defended them. Among these "lesser nobles" were five families who truly stood a part from the rest. These five families were noted for their experience, exploits and age-old traditions.

The lesser nobles always feared these five powerful families, and would often be absorbed into their conflicts. They were often at war with one another, and would always expand their power and influence no matter what. Many people suffered, but many others thrived from their success and activity. Peace was never enough for these five families, and all five looked as though there was always something more to be had.

Twice every year, at the start and end of a year they'd convene a moot in Volrai (the east). They laid out the foundations for what would become the capital city of all the Republic, and they were also the forerunners of a Republic. Due to their ever-growing power and influence, and all-consuming might the people finally decided to rise up, and put a stop to their reign. The vast majority of the people that made up the five regions of the land led by many of the lesser nobles combated the combined might of the five noble families.

This great conflict would become known as the First War of Changes, and the result would be a treat that would give the power to the people, and weaken the five families power and influence. Sharing their landholdings with the civilian population, and distributing many of the administrative duties to the trustworthy lesser noblemen.

Many years later, the five families power had dwindled, but are still highly recognizable and feared or respected by their subjects. Now, the New-Age calls for a new way of doing things, and these five families continue to exploit it...

The five families are listed below:

House Magis: The Magis family is still the most prominent family in all of Eleritch, or the South. They've been keeping their people in power for centuries. Always looked at as a clever, if not sinister family with its own agenda, they continue to succeed in life; even in the Modern Age. The Magis family owns all of Innovita Corporation, its claims and fund most if not all of their own projects. They also largely manage the politics of Eleritch.

House Orgurik: The Orgurik family runs the criminal underworld of Dundrel. They are known for keeping everything they do a secret to everyone except those that share their own blood. They don't care much for presenting themselves to the public, and because of this they are always working from afar in the shadows. Even though they've quieted down over the years, it's not because they've weakened in power or influence, it's just the public isn't entirely aware of them.

House Alnavar: The Alnavar family is based in Moroarc, their old homeland. Guilir Alnavar was the Guilir Academy's founder and first Headmaster. They've largely settled down, but members of this House who attend the Guilir Academy are often given special treatment or otherwise, because of their family's prestige.

House Yolv: The Yolv family once ruled over Heglid or the North. After having fallen from power, this family held onto its dignity. Naturally, they despise the Republic of Free Mystical Sovereignty and its founders. Once technology became as prevalent as it is in the present, they broke all ties with the Government, and began funding for better Old Way Reservations. They are staunch followers of the Old Way, but haven't outcasted themselves from society. The Government suspects that the Yolv family could be illegally supplying and indirectly aiding the operations of the Old Way Rebellion, or even leading the Rebellion.

House Haranno: The Haranno family was once in charge of much of Volrai and its people. Out of the five families, the Haranno family was looked at as the lesser of five evils. They treated their people with utmost respect, and some might even say virtue, and uphold strict code of laws. Due to the indecisiveness of one of their leaders, and having been pressured by the other four families, they went to war with the people of the land. Their punishment wasn't as harsh as the other four. They lost a lot of power and influence but retained the people's respect, and when a capable, third-party is sought after by the High Magocratic Council, the family's head or representative is often called on for matters of state.
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The 5 Noble Families
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