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 Enigma of the Alfar

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Enigma of the Alfar Empty
PostSubject: Enigma of the Alfar   Enigma of the Alfar Icon_minitimeFri Feb 17, 2012 12:51 pm


The Alfar were the original inhabitants of Calderia. Ruins and other ancient constructs are evidence of their existence and their intellect. Their decline and ensuing disappearance from the mortal world remains a mystery for the scholars of the day. They were the first magical engineers, and evidence shows that they experimented with some very dangerous and powerful spells unknown to the majority of the world. What is known is that these Elves were divided into clans and these clans would rarely get into direct conflict with one another, instead the victor was whoever had the more advanced arsenal. Though they no longer reside on Calderia, their ruins remain isolated and dormant, and are riddled with traps. Due to the dangers of these ruins, many scholars have been unable to obtain more information on this strange but fascinating race of beings. It's largely accepted that the Alfar of the world disappeared over eight centuries ago, and what was left of their race was never discovered by mankind.
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Enigma of the Alfar
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